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Authentic photographs are always my motivation for doing what I do. I’m not a “look at me and say cheese” kind of photographer. I like to skirt around the sidelines, largely unnoticed and capture people just being themselves. This shoot went very much that way. Sarah is a long- time friend and colleague, we did our Midwifery degree at the same time. She asked me for some non- pretentious, ‘natural’ photographs which would capture her family just being who they are.
As is often the case, the children were not terribly keen on being in front of a camera. You cannot force good photographs. So I just sat nearby, with my usual informal style, chatting and letting everyone loosen up, and the result was these beautiful, documentary- style family portraits. By the end of the session, the children were comfortable enough to allow a few more posed shots and it became an enjoyable experience for all. A fun afternoon!

Adelaide Family Photographer

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