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In January of this year, I travelled to London for a conference with Jeremy.  I’m in my element wandering the streets, camera in hand, documenting what I see and experience. My images from over the years become my visual travel diaries :)

When visiting the UK though, it also becomes about family. I had visualised this series of family lifestyle portraits with Jeremy and his children long before I had the opportunity to create them and as always, it felt like a real priviledge. I reflected on the eight years since I’d first photographed these children and marvelled how time goes by. It was a lovely, relaxed day with lunch at a pub Jeremy knew of, and throughout the course of the afternoon, I picked up my camera and documented the interaction going on around me. I love capturing the essence of people. The ordinary is definitely not ‘ordinary’ to me, it’s what I love and I believe it to be what people cherish most when looking back over their lived experiences.

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