Delta, Breezy & Peter | Adelaide Pet Photography | Michelle Annette Photography

I consider myself first and foremost a photographer of people, living subjects. So when I was approached recently regarding photographing my colleague Julie’s three dogs, I thought, after some consideration- “Sure!” Occasionally it’s nice to try something different.

These three beauties are her fur children and as a true blue animal- lover, I absolutely understand why people would have their pets professionally photographed. They are part of the family, your life, your history. Julie had lost one of her German Shepard’s recently and this only highlighted the importance of capturing these memories. There are some truly fantastic pet photographers out there, so being my first attempt in a professional capacity, I was determined to do it justice! I approached this session the way I would any other. Delta, Breezy and Peter were like 3 children arriving for a session, running everywhere with their own distinct and unique personalities and it was my job to capture that.

I have to tell you what enormous fun this session was! Throughout the course of the shoot, I was able to provide a mixture of the more formal ‘sit here and look at me’ shots, as well as ‘now run at me!’ shots which I achieved lying down in the grass and letting the dogs charge at me producing some truly great action shots and angles. The song “Born Free” rang out in my head and made me giggle. We had a blast :D

Those who have been following my photography journey closely will know I am transitioning from offering digital products only, to a full-service studio offering printed products. I am beyond thrilled that these images are to be preserved forever in an heirloom album and as canvas wall art, I cannot wait to see the finished results!


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