Why Photography?

Ever since I can remember, viewing and taking photographs was a BIG deal to me. As a very small child, I would frequently ask everyone I encountered, including strangers, if I might view their ‘photo albumns’ if we were in the vicinity of said items. This request would cause mixed reactions, varying from warm amusement to more than slightly taken aback. I never minded, as long as I got my hands on some photos I was golden. Something about seeing a moment past never to be captured exactly the same way ever again was an irresistible draw for me. Furthermore, I would spend hours poring over photographs I had ALREADY viewed countless times before and never grow tired of them.

Anyone who knows me well, is aware of my passion for the historical in all forms. I have always preferred tales of a time gone by, than of the new and progressional. Photographs become a moment in history as soon as they are created. This, combined with the artistry in particular photographs is what captures my soul. Art, history, dance,  language and people are my great loves. I can include all of these things when taking photographs at various times.

I photograph primarily for my own enjoyment. I love to challenge myself to do better, to see and create differently. I love that my work is assessed by other working photographers as part of my formal training, ensuring feedback is direct, honest and thought-provoking. When I photograph for a client, friend or family member, I love that I am documenting a moment in their lives, in a way that means something to them. All of my photographs mean something to me, they show my continuing evolution and enjoyment.

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