Enter the Darkroom

So as the title suggests, this term we’re hitting film & darkroom processing. I am super- excited to learn more about this technique. Although many people question the relevance of film in the digital age, I don’t think you can deny that there is still something so relevant and wonderful about film, and for me personally, I think any photographer who can work with both mediums automatically gets my vote. It’s like tipping your hat to photographic history, or as my lecturer said, “Like vinyl versus itunes”. I so get that, I already love my new lecturer :D

He showed us a graph depicting how many photographs were taken annually over approximately the last century until currently, then showed us the percentage that were film versus digital. Astronomical increase with the invention of digital photography of course. I wonder though, if we didn’t lose something along the way? Digital heralded the age of everyone with a half-decent camera becoming a photographer, but film forces you to be more disciplined and selective in your shooting which to me is no bad thing.

So this week I’ll be shooting black & white film, one of my all-time favourite mediums, then getting messy in the darkroom. There’s sure to be some failures along with some keepers!

P.S. Another double distinction for Camera 1 last term :D :D

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