The day of reckoning.

Tonight is assessment night. You could be forgiven for thinking I had fallen off the planet the last few weeks and that would be attributable to the enormous amount of time I have spent in the darkroom attempting to fine- tune and perfect. In fact, I’ll be back in there this evening 2 hours before assessment commences retouching images because clearly I can’t get enough! Self- confessed perfectionist right here……

The curse of being a perfectionist is the ridiculously high standards you tend to put in place for yourself. Sometimes that can be a good thing, but not always! I think I could always find something I feel I could improve. The good news is at 7pm tonight, I have to stop ‘tweaking’ and just present, so there IS an end in sight :D

A classmate has a very similar outlook to me so we joke together. He has been my darkroom buddy and advisor. I will post some finalised images shortly, but before that, it’s time to enjoy the completion of another level in my learning and perhaps a wee glass of bubbles with my comrades *wink*

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