Excited much?

Tis an exciting time my friends, new year, new goals. Term 1 resumes on Monday and I am raring to go! I’m doing Intro to Studio this term and thoroughly looking forward to learning more about lighting so I can maximise usage of my own lighting equipment.

I also have a new camera, it just arrived and I am super- excited to play with it after I get through night duty this weekend. This is my full-frame digital upgrade so now I have 2 digital bodies, primary and back-up. This is essential for my very first official booking in Oct! Delighted to announce I have been asked to shoot a very dear friend’s wedding- what a privilege! I am a mixture of excitement and nerves. I have been gathering information and tips for the day, checklists etc, then it will be time to sit with a cuppa and plan out the day according to how she would like me to capture it. Pricing, signing of contracts etc, and expectations. She is aware I am a photography student, not yet a ‘wedding photographer’.

In between now and then, I will be in contact with other wedding photographers who I hope I can learn from, some professional, some students like me who are beginning their career.

And so to my friend I say thank you for believing in me. I am honoured you chose me and I will do my very best for you.

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