Camera 2

Ahhhhh, a much longed-for and anticipated day off! Have coffee, will blog.

Totally stoked to be through another subject on my Cert IV journey with another distinction :D

Now into Camera 2 which promises to be interesting and challenging. I must say I am in love with the idea of ‘social documentary’ or a photographic essay as such. Whether I can pull off something interesting remains to be seen of course! Included in this assessment is a one page artist statement- that part, will be NO problem for me since I love to write and English was my top subject at school. The images on the other hand, well let’s just say I’ll be my usual mixture of optimism versus anxiety as I try to produce something worthy!!

Such a busy time at work, looking forward to some time off with my camera now. Need to get into some conceptualising and forward- planning…

A classmate has an exhibition friday night that I am thoroughly looking forward to checking out. For now, back to my ‘homework’ and some editing.

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