Budding Ballerinas


Hello friends! My assessment for Camera 2 is rapidly approaching so once again I am in the midst of final preparations. This was a challenging subject for me purely because I had underestimated how difficult it would be to find opportunities to photograph my chosen subject matter. Felt pretty unorganised for the first few weeks, shot some (what I considered to be mediocre) events, then finally found an opportunity to have a go at something I haven’t tried before.

A longtime dance student & Ballet- lover, a school very kindly agreed to let me take some documentary- style images of young dancers in training. I had fun with it. Nice to shoot something constantly in motion, a good challenge to work in sub- optimal lighting conditions, and very freeing to shoot in this style instead of the exceptionally well considered & manufactured way some of the other subjects have required. This subject also saw me having a crack at penning my first Artist Statement which I quite enjoyed writing, but as usual, wrote too much- now I have to do some editing!

Can’t wait for assessment and a bit of a rest before shooting my  first wedding in the break, then on to Portraiture for term 4.


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