Preservation & Presentation of moments.

Since I’m home sick today, I thought I’d take this enforced moment of rest to blog :) Those of you who tune in regularly will know that I have recently completed my Cert IV in Photoimaging- a huge milestone for me. One of my images, which happened to be my favourite, was selected for the school website along with other notable student work from various subjects. This has happened for me twice now, and is always such a thrill. That your image, which you put your heart & soul into, stood out amongst all the other amazing images is a very special thing. As all artists from any genre will attest to, your work is often so personal that presenting it for others to critique is akin to standing naked in public. Praise is so uplifting, and negativity cuts you to the bone.

This image is currently being printed on canvas for my mother’s wall, a unique portrait of her granddaughter by her daughter and there’s something just so lovely about that.

I’m passionate about seeing photographs presented for the world to see, not just tucked away in drawer or cupboard, never to see the light of day once the initial excitement has worn off. The walls of my home and indeed my family’s, have always been adorned with images. Even now when I walk into somebody’s home I will be drawn immediately to the images on display or the lack of them. I want to know who took these photographs and why, what is the story behind them?

This is why, whilst happy to provide clients with their digital images on disc, every session I shoot includes at minimum one large print for the wall. I want beautiful images to be a feature of my clients homes too. I want them to smile and remember that moment every time they look at that photograph, and I want other people to ask, “Who took that photograph?” as I always do.


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