passionNo, this title is not as suggestive as it may sound. I’m inspired today to talk about passion, about commitment and dedication.  As my regular readers are aware, I completed my Cert IV in Photoimaging this year, and have been having a much- needed hiatus from study. Throughout the 2 years that it took me to complete this qualification, I was completely focused- sometimes to the detriment of other things.

Despite not particularly enjoying high school, and feeling quite sure I would never attend University or wish to study anything ever again, I discovered in my early twenties after becoming a mother, that indeed my brain  was my most powerful asset. My creativity had been significantly cramped during my formal schooling and this type of education had led to burn- out. Then after a break, it was as though everything reawakened and my desire to learn and keep learning has never left me. I realised my ability to visualise, plan and achieve was strong.

This led firstly to the completion of my Bachelor of Midwifery, commenced a month before my daughter turned three. What a juggling act! I look back and wonder, “did I really do that?” Yes. Then I added night classes to parenting, shift work and running my household independently. I was often exhausted. The cost for my photography schooling was considerable, not to mention the cost of my equipment. During those two years, I had no disposable income for anything- it was like being a Uni student all over again. I didn’t mind. I was focused, pursuing another dream. Making sacrifices in favour of seeing the bigger picture is something I can honestly say I do exceptionally well and I’m generally very humble. Never an instant- gratification kind of girl, I can wait patiently, favouring honest hard work to get me where I want to be.

Now I’m growing my business from the ground up. Learning all the time and enjoying the journey. I did this myself. Support often comes from the most unlikely places I’ve discovered, not always from where you most expect.

I want to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who has asked me to be their photographer or modelled for my coursework in the last two years. Particular thanks to the Springbett’s, the Nikolajevic’s, the Coolen’s & the Milanko family. It says “I believe in you”.


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